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PunctureProof Tyres Ltd. - Testimonials

Ben Turner

Ben Turner International Transport & Export has benefited significantly from the installation of Punctureproof Tyre Sealant within our Fork lifts, JCB's, Trucks and Trailers. The reliability of our service to customers has always been of paramount importance to us and now with the utilisation of Punctureproof Tyre Sealant within our tyres, our regular punctures have been completely eliminated.

Ben Turner International Transport & Export would recommend Punctureproof Tyre Sealant to any business that depends on delivering a reliable service. Since installing Punctureproof Tyre Sealant in our yard tractor, fork lift, trucks and trailers, punctures have almost completely ceased, slow leaks have stopped and our tyres remain at the correct pressure.

Ben Turner International Transport & Export has always believed that offering a high reliability of service has been a cornerstone of our success. Until recently, we believed that tyre punctures was not only an annoying, frustrating and costly factor out of our control but also an unavoidable downside of the business. This explains our interest and initial scepticism when approached by our local PunctureProof contact, Brian Rhodes. Since we started using Punctureproof Tyre Sealant, slow leaks in our plant have completely disappeared, our weekly punctures have stopped and tyres are lasting longer. Ben Turner International Transport would wholeheartedly recommend Punctureproof Tyre Sealant as a cost effective solution to one of our industries biggest headaches.

More Testimonials

"0800 Handyman run a fleet of scooters to enable us to better serve our customers in a timely and efficient manor. The only downside to using bikes though is that we were always receiving punctures due to the poor nature of today's London roads. We decided to ask PunctureProof for their assistance because we would regularly receive up to five punctures a week, therefore wasting costly man hours and inconveniencing our clients. Since Brian Rhodes of the Punctureproof Tyre Sealant Gatwick franchise sealed our tyres one morning in April, we have not had one single puncture. The total charge for sealing five of our scooters was only £150.00, which was probably a cost saved by the business from preventing just one puncture. I would definitely recommend Punctureproof Tyre Sealant to any business running vehicles as excellent value for money."
Bruce Greig
Managing Director 0800 Handyman

"The product still amazes me, after 1 ½ years it has never failed and delivered a huge amount of repeat business and as a r esult of Punctureproof Tyre Sealant I enjoy a healthier lifestyle"
Terry Long

"Since I became a Punctureproof Tyre Sealant Franchisee 2 ½ years ago, I can only say it is the best move I ever made! Job satisfaction, company support and most important of all - financial reward.
Liam Joyce

"As a hauler, I hated flat tyres and loss of tyre pressure. Since I became a Punctureproof Tyre Sealant Franchisee, my tyre problems have been stopped, my income has increased and I now employ a man full-time. When a transport manager tells you that since using Punctureproof Tyre Sealant he has increased his tyre life by 50% - that's satisfaction."
Dessie Lynch

"All I ever wanted was a good living, being my own boss, no hassle and treated with respect. A product that sells itself, Punctureproof Tyre Sealant has given me all these things"
John McGlinchey

"I had this treatment 3 years ago in my last car (Motability Zafira) and i found it to be highly satisfactory"
David Harrison
Doncsater South Yorkshire, England

Testimonials from Companies

"Mc Geary Mushrooms, strongly recommend the Punctureproof Tyre Sealant product. We have found it most beneficial in our vehicle fleet, which includes lorries, loading shovels, forklifts and cars. Punctureproof Tyre Sealant has now enabled our firm to work at full capacity, as it has eliminated all punctures (especially when vehicles are 100 miles from base). It certainly has increased our tyre life and has also saved us 3% on our fuel bill"
McGeary Fresh Mushrooms Ltd.

"The firm has been using Punctureproof Tyre Sealant product since June 2000 and found it most satisfactory. Before the use of Punctureproof Tyre Sealant in our vehicles, we were getting punctures on some sites on a daily basis. With the introduction of Punctureproof Tyre Sealant, the problem has been eliminated. As we are a progressive firm, the product has undoubtedly saved us money on punctures and downtime on building sites. We have also noticed that the constant tyre pressure has been maintained. I can confirm that we are very happy with the product Punctureproof Tyre Sealant."
JJ Rhatigan & Company Ltd.
Building Contractors

"When you pull 16 nails out of a tyre and it stays up - how do you compete with this product? I think my days are numbered!"
Martin Foley
Tyre Dealer

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